April 17, 2021


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15 Methods for Reducing a Potbelly for Men to Make Your Appearance Cool

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Having a fit body and a male celebrity six pack, who doesn’t want to? Moreover, a body that is well maintained is one aspect that supports appearance. In this modern era, appearance is the main thing. Most importantly, millennials are extraordinarily busy on schedules, who have to meet many people every day. It’s no wonder that many have started looking for methods to reduce belly fat in order to get the shape of the body of your dreams.

Are you listed one of them? No need to be upset anymore, the reason is that some methods of methods to reduce belly fat in men can be tried. In order to be more confident in exploring the very current fashion trends. What are they?

1. Exercise

The initial method of shrinking the stomach is exercise. Of course, carrying out this activity is quite tough for those who sort out mager rather than wasting a sweat. But if you do have the will to be better, now is the right time to start exercising.

There are several types of exercise that are efficient for methods of reducing the stomach:

  • Running or jogging in the morning. Put on shoes and run for 30 minutes. This activity can burn the remaining 250 calories in the body. Not only that, running will also make you even more excited for the day.
  • Another exercise that is recommended as a method of reducing the stomach is swimming. Not only does it make your body more attractive, swimming is also efficient at burning calories due to hand and foot movements.
  • If you are lazy to leave the house. Do jumping rope as a method of shrinking the stomach. This exercise is very efficient for burning body fat, especially the stomach, as well as increasing your energy strength.
  • Do you often feel reluctant to move your feet? Time to change this routine. Start getting used to walking wherever you go. Don’t really depend on the convenience provided by the vehicle. For example, when you go to the minimarket, go to and return to work, or you sort the stairs for going up and down at your office.

2. Smoothies are like breakfast companions

Not only moving the body, the method of shrinking your stomach must also be supported by a healthy diet. One way is to drink a smoothie in the morning. Not only do you feel energized during the day, smoothies also help protect your stomach so you are always full and away from snacking. Not only pineapple smoothies, try watermelon smoothies which are fresh and effective in reducing body fat.

3. Start reducing your food rations

If all this time you have been known to be a lover of large rations, it’s time to start reducing the amount in order to reach the method of shrinking your stomach. Instead of eating 3 times a day, try to eat small portions but often with a distance of 2 to 3 hours. The goal is so that your metabolic system is not overwhelmed when processing and burning body fat.

4. Vegetables and Fruit are Good, But in the Right Ration

Vegetables and fruit are indeed good for health because they have the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. But if you are doing the method of shrinking the stomach, you should also reduce the ration of vegetables and fruit for one meal. Within a day, try to snack on small portions of fruit and vegetables, but often.

5. Drink plenty of water

You should drink water, not wait for your throat to feel dry. Because the human body needs fluids, it should consume water in an orderly manner in one day. Not only does it make the body fresher and fit, this is an efficient method of shrinking the stomach. 8 glasses of water a day will help the body to neutralize toxins in the body, then flush them out through the urine. Not only that, if the stomach is full of water, the feeling of wanting to snack or eat also decreases.

6. Reduce Dairy Products

Dairy products or products made from milk are mostly delicious and tempting the tongue to taste them. But, do you understand if these materials can make the stomach like that because it creates gas in the stomach?

Enjoying dairy products, such as sweetened condensed milk, powdered milk, UHT milk, pasteurized milk, ice cream, or cheese is not prohibited. But start to reduce it for a slimmer body.

7. Increase Consuming Ingredients That Have Potassium

One of the provisions of the method of reducing the stomach is the minimization of gas in the digestive tract. Therefore you need menus or meals that have a large potassium content. Some of the fruits that you can consume include papaya, banana, mango, and avocado. Not only that, try to eat yogurt to reduce flatulence. As a note, potassium is a substance that is also a natural diuretic which can help reduce water buildup in the stomach.

8. Be a berry lover

Don’t like the taste of berries, which are mostly sour rather than sweet? If you want to know a fast and efficient method of reducing your stomach, you should change yourself to become a berry lover. The reason is because this giving has benefits against fat, as well as suppresses the cells so they don’t swell. When you consume it, the berries will produce adiponectin in the stomach. Well, this hormone is needed to minimize blood sugar. On the other hand, these substances also have the property of reducing inflammation.

9. Prioritize eating nuts

Who said peanuts make for a fat stomach? In fact, an efficient method of shrinking the stomach is by consuming this type of food. Nuts are believed to keep the stomach tight. Don’t just snack while watching football. Try to make eating nuts 2 times a week and try to feel the abnormality.

10. Often Drink Green Tea

The method of reducing the stomach in a safe and delicious way is to regularly consume green tea. This drink contains antioxidants which are called catechins. Well, this catechin is one of the properties of fighting belly fat. It is highly recommended to consume green tea before exercising for better results.

11. Regularly Consume Ginger

If all this time you have understood ginger as a body warmer, now is the time to know that this rhizome plant is actually also reliable for methods of reducing the stomach. Ginger has many benefits, ranging from increasing endurance energy, expelling bloating and colds, to getting rid of excess gas in the digestive system.

To make ginger like a method of reducing the stomach, grate a little ginger, then mix it into a glass of green tea. You can also take advantage of the base of ginger by boiling it and making ginger tea, then drinking it to slim your stomach.

12. Reduce Consuming Soft Soft Drinks and Alcohol

Everyone knows that drinking fizzy drinks on a hot afternoon is one of the best things in life. There may also be those who feel that alcohol is a very delicious drink to enjoy.

But if you are looking for a method to reduce your stomach as early as possible, it’s time to reduce, or even more so, say goodbye to both of them. The problem is that soft drinks have gas. If you drink it and enter your stomach it will expand. Meanwhile, alcohol, not only affects understanding, also makes the body lazy to burn fat.

13. Sleep at Time

In fact, like sleeping late at night is one of the triggers for a bloated stomach. This is caused by the reduction in the creation of the hormone cortisol, which has the property of avoiding mental stress, which causes fat to accumulate in the stomach. Try to correct your sleep time. Finish all work and activities on time, then rest early.

14. Stay away from heavy meals at night

Culinary at night is fun. Especially at this time too many places to eat open after sunset. One of the goals is to let workers who have just returned to work take the time to fill their hungry stomachs.

But do you understand that eating a heavy meal at night actually makes your stomach swell? There is a fact that says when you sleep, your body burns fat naturally. But if you eat before going to bed, especially in large quantities, the burning will not run optimally. So do not be surprised if when you wake up, your body feels heavy, especially in the stomach area.

Not only that, it is also worth noting that when lying down when the stomach is full it can cause the formation of stomach acid reflux and digestive problems. This is caused by the force of gravity, where the food that has entered the digestive system cannot even go down to the bottom, sort of when standing up.

For those of you who are fond of culinary delights at night and want to shrink your stomach, it’s time to change this routine. If you’re hungry, eat a light snack or small amount of fruit before 7pm. If you also have to eat, for example because you are invited to have dinner with a companion, or if there is a friend’s birthday treat, take a break for 2 or 3 hours after your stomach has processed the meal.

15. Drink Lemon Water

So far, you have often heard or seen dishwashing products with lemon extract contents. This bright yellow fruit is believed to be able to eradicate the fats attached to eating utensils.

In fact, lemon is not only good at washing away grease on the plate. If you regularly drink lemon water every day, your stomach will also look good. The problem is lemon helps the digestive detoxification process, and improves the performance of the liver organs. This matter wants to help the digestive system in shedding fat, as well as making the stomach appear smaller.

15 methods to shrink the stomach above are in fact very easy to try, without having to make you gape and disturb your consistency in reaching the perfect stomach. Are you ready to have a more attractive and attractive appearance for a match?

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