April 17, 2021


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5 Guidelines You Must Try When Facing Hives

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5 Guidelines You Must Try When Facing Hives

Hives or what is also known as urticaria (hives) refers to a red or swollen skin response that can be localized or expanded. Hives tend to be very itchy and generally last less than a day. In more severe cases, hives can last longer than 6 weeks, which can be very annoying.

Quoted from CNN, Doctor David Harvey, MD, FAAD, FACMS, a dermatologist and surgeon at Piedmont Healthcare shared guidelines for recognizing what to try:

1. Don’t wait very long to go to the doctor (Hives)

Many sufferers think that the hives they feel are trivial matters and do not need to see a doctor. However, when hives last more than one week, you should consult a dermatologist or allergist for an assessment. Not only that, but if the hives cause a burning and painful sensation, they can be signs of a more serious condition caused by inflammation of the blood vessels.

2. Find out the cause through the doctor (Hives)

Chronic hives, sometimes the cause is still unclear. However, it means to identify triggers, of course, for the hives you feel. ” Moreover, I had the chance to see hives caused by tooth abscess or food contamination, ”said Doctor Harvey. Recognizing and treating the cause can relieve the itching you are experiencing.

3. Prepare yourself for drugs

“To cure hives, we generally prescribe one or 2 antihistamine drugs. However, if the hives have been in a chronic session, they are often not bad enough. For this problem, we need to initiate a more rough treatment such as zafirlukast (Accolate) or oral corticosteroids to reduce skin inflammation, ”said Doctor Harvey.

4. Noting the indications experienced

When dealing with hives, it means to master what is intertwined in your body. It also means to write down any signs that you experience. Noting the indications you feel in food as well as the drugs you eat may help you identify what caused it.

5. Distribute more attention to the skin

We may not always recognize what triggers hives, but it is imperative to give more attention to the skin. If you are particularly prone to hives, stay away from lotions or skin creams that have bonus fragrances and blushes. Bathing with warm water can also make the skin moisturized and the ions always remain surrounded with molecules.

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