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6 Eyelash Extension Myths to Stop Believing Now

Posted by on Oct 24, 2019

There are a whole lot of myths out there about eyelash extensions–out of it being a debilitating procedure into the belief your natural lashes will fall out and stop to grow back again. As your reliable beauty editors, we are here to set the record straight. We analyzed the procedure , and talked to licensed cosmetologist Arianna Montazem, a lash extension expert that applies six collections of extensions every day, to bust the typical misconceptions.


Arianna Montazem is a board-certified cosmetologist who clinics in Los Angeles, CA. Her work was seen on celebrities like Olivia Holt and Halsey and has been featured in books like Nylon Magazine and Violet Grey.

In case you’ve ever considered getting these completed, keep reading!

Eyelash Extension Supplies

First things first, your lashes fall out anyways. You simply don’t recognize it because they are small and nice, but our natural lashes drop out every four to six months exactly enjoy the hairs on our head. Eyelash Extension Supplies simply get a bad rap because it is more evident to spot natural lashes which have shed when they are glued to thick, long, artificial, and strong black fibers, and folks do not comprehend the process is normal and not a consequence of extensions.

Your lashes will, in reality, develop back. Due to this lash falling cycle, fresh all-natural lashes are constantly growing in, thus why you get”fills.” “If new eyelashes weren’t always growing back, there would be nothing to fill,” clarifies Montazem. Put simply? If eyelash extensions actually made your lashes stop growing, refills would not even be possible, since there needs to be a natural lash to get the expansion to adhere to.

Take it from somebody who has gotten them several times: Nothing concerning the method hurts! It is not an issue of tolerance levels; there is no pain involved with the eyelash extension procedure. If you’re concerned about somebody using tweezers near your eyes, then you may feel nervousness , however, pain isn’t a part of this offer.

Eyelash Extension Supplies

“Getting eyelash extensions does not affect the natural growth cycle during or after you decide to stop getting them applied,” states Montazem. A lot of people believe their natural lashes make shorter or thinner after, but it is basically a optical illusion. “You get used to waking up every day with thicker, dark, curled, longer lashes,” states Montazem. So, understandably, you believe that your eyelashes are shorter and thinner following the extensions have finished. Actually, that isn’t true and receiving extensions doesn’t have any chemical impact on the depth or length of the lashes that you had been born with.

“But just like it was something you got used to when you first had them applied, you will also have to get used to not having them on again,” she states. That, or keep to cover extensions.

A lot of men and women feel you have to take breaks from accessing extensions so as to allow your natural lashes”breathe.” The concept that it is bad to receive repeated extensions as your lashes need living room is mere fantasy. “Your eyelashes do not know that extensions are being applied to them, and they continue to shed off like normal, and a new natural lash will grow back,” states Montazem. “However it is completely up to the client whether or not they wish to take a break.”

False. It may take forever if the tech you are viewing is just beginning at eyelash extensions or is inexperienced and untrained. However professionals that completely concentrate on lash extensions may execute a complete set in only one hour.