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9 Natural and healthy diet methods to lose weight fast

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Guidelines for Controlling a Balance Diet for Adult Men

Lots of natural diet methods are offered by both health experts and slimming drug sellers. Most notably the seller of drugs or slimming concoctions. They are competing to advertise products with herbal appendages to sell them and share a quick guide to natural diet methods, especially in 1 week or moreover promising a method to lose weight naturally without dieting. But are the products they offer comfortable? Of course, sometimes you are like a consumer of a product who has a prejudice whether the product that is purchased is a solution to the correct natural diet method or will it be harmful.

Diet is not always strict or even less obliged to use medicine It seems that there are also many natural and healthy diet methods without drugs that are easy to try yourself. But why is it mandatory to diet?

In this era that continues to be the environment, the level of danger of disease continues to be great. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease are no longer just targeting the elderly. Young people especially young people can also get the disease.

Being overweight or what we usually call obesity, has a lot of ability to invite disease to arrive in the body. Each person is obliged to have some fat for energy and other things, but if the amount is too large, the accumulated fat can harm the body’s metabolism.

Therefore, for those of you who are facing obesity, it is fitting to try to find a method to lose your body naturally with a natural and healthy diet method. But before you recognize a natural and healthy diet method, it would be nice if you first read what health problems a person with overweight will experience.


In terms of health, a person can be said to face obesity when their body weight reaches 15 percent heavier than their ideal body weight. Here is the grouping of obesity.

Mild obesity, excess body weight reaches 20 percent to 40 percent.

Overweight again, excess body weight reaches 41 percent to 100 percent

Overweight, overweight reaches 100 percent

Lots of health problems that stick out because of obesity. The following are the kinds of diseases that arise due to obesity.

Brain Constraints

As quoted from My Health News Daily, obesity can affect the brain in the following ways:

Changing the work of the immune system, the risk of inflammation increases. After that this inflammation will affect the brain and destroy some of its parts so that the mood is easily changed so that it is difficult to stop the routine of overeating.

Dementia, which is associated with inflammation due to obesity, can make the body and mind easily stressed. The dimensions of the brain can also shrink due to the presence of fat in the stomach so that the risk of dementia can increase.

Impairs memory, according to the Journal of the American Society research, hormones made by fat can cause inflammation that affects the cognitive part that makes a person lose memory.

Heart disease

The danger of obesity can stimulate the formation of a heart attack because excess fat can cover the blood vessels in the heart so that it becomes clogged. If this matter is intertwined so that the invasion of the heart can also be linked including the coronary heart. Signs caused by heart disease include:

  • Face paint in the chest that is kind of pressed
  • The pain radiates down the neck in a choking manner and to the left arm
  • Pain in the gut
  • Pulse weakens
  • Produces sweat in a flash and a large amount.

Obesity has a close relationship with hypertension or large blood pressure. This matter can occur due to frequent consumption of food triggers large blood, cholesterol, and excess fat, which in conclusion can stimulate the constriction of blood vessels so that blood pressure.

Respiratory tract obstruction

The danger of obesity can cause respiratory problems because there is a buildup of fat that is too far at the base of the diaphragm and in the chambers of the chest to put pressure on the lungs. If this matter is allowed to cause a person to face difficulty in breathing. While sleeping, respiratory problems can stop you (obstructive sleep apnea).


The risk that can be felt by someone who is overweight is type 2 diabetes. In people with obesity, insulin produced by the pancreas is choked up by complications of obesity so that it cannot work optimally to help cells absorb glucose. Because insulin works so inefficiently, the pancreas continues to make efforts to create more insulin, which results in decreased pancreatic expertise to create insulin.

To research, a person who is overweight is more likely to have a stroke than someone who has a longer body. This matter is intertwined because obese people tend to have large blood pressure, large cholesterol, and have diabetes which stimulates the formation of strokes.

Not only the diseases that have been mentioned above, but there are also many other health languages ​​that peek out because of obesity. Do you believe you are still lazy to diet?

Trying to start losing weight with a natural and healthy diet method itself requires a big commitment because it needs regularity so that the results obtained continue to be optimal. Maintaining the will to quickly lose weight and become lean is needed, but changing your diet to an extreme so that you do not eat risks developing health problems as well. Despite your hard work, an unhealthy diet will not have long-term consequences, even if sudden weight loss can result.
In the diet, extreme weight loss is also not healthy because it can cause some risks of health problems. So that the results you get from a healthy diet and for a long time, in a week quite a half to one kg a week.

Diet consultant and teaching staff from the Ministry of Nutrition / FKUI, doctors. Nurul Ratna Meter. Nutrition, Sp. GK explained that to cut 1.5–2 kg, a person is required to cut calories as much as 750-1000 calories from their daily needs. The reason is, to lose one kg of body weight, a person is obliged to reduce the calories by 500 calories per day. Automatically, to reduce body weight by 2 kg, a person must be able to cut calories by 1000 calories per day.

Ideally, bodyweight should gradually decrease. Can not immediately demean a large amount, especially in a short time. Therefore avoid universal mistakes that people often try when dieting.

A universal mistake people make when dieting

Reduce the frequency of heavy meals so only once, especially not at all. This subject provokes you to snack on the sidelines of your spare time.

Snacking on snacks without looking at the ingredients. You should first check the contents of the snack before you consume it throughout the diet.

Not eating but drinking lots of calories. It is thought that only food that has a lot of calories, it seems that coffee with cream, soft drinks have far more calories.

Not often drinking mineral water means throughout the diet process, because it can help increase metabolism.

Target’s unrealistic weight loss. Anyway, you must lose 5 kg in a week! These unrealistic goals only want to put pressure on you because you want to work on a lot of things so that goals are achieved.

9 Natural and healthy diet methods for losing weight

1. Determine the target

Set realistic goals before starting practicing natural diet methods as well as throughout the diet. Don’t be obsessed with dropping a few pounds in one week. One kg a week is enough. Also set small goals such as, not eating fried foods, not eating quick meals, and so on.

2. Thinks optimistic

Not only confirming goals, surely you have to control your mind to manage your body. Set a positive and optimistic mind if you want to be thin. Do not imagine diet-breaking foods throughout the diet or maybe your natural diet method will falter or even break up halfway through.

3. Sports

Instead of everywhere using a motorized vehicle, start walking anywhere. Don’t just sit in front of the PC. Start doing things that seem trivial, such as parking the car far away from the intended place, so you have to walk first, not using the elevator or escalator. Can also carry out the exercise for 30 minutes a day regularly. Starting with warming up the hands, feet, and head. then it can be continued with jogging, sit-ups, and push-ups. If you try this exercise regularly, it can help you in the process of losing weight.

4. Increase drinking mineral water

Mineral water means for the body. Mineral water helps the body’s metabolism, improves kidney performance, removes toxins that enter the body, makes the skin look soft and bright, and helps improve brain performance.

Not only these benefits, mineral water can lower body weight. before eating, drink one glass of mineral water, so that food rations will decrease.

5. Consume fiber-rich meals

Foods that have lots of fiber are peas, avocado, banana, papaya, broccoli, cabbage, peas, corn, and brown rice.

Benefits of a fiber-rich meal include:

  • Helping the detoxification process in the body
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Lowering high cholesterol
  • Sterilizes the digestive tract
  • Protect the body from colon disease
  • Avoid fatty deposits in blood vessels
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Slows down glucose absorption

6. Increase the frequency of meals, reduce food rations

Many people think that reducing the frequency of heavy meals per day will help you lose weight. This assumption is wrong. People who eat large meals even if they only once raise new problems. Not bad by reducing your rations, like eating 3 tablespoons of rice and side dishes but always on the same frequency or more often. Reducing these rations can be one of the best options like a natural diet method.

7. Stay away from eating more than 6 hours

Breakfast requires a ration more like our energy consumption throughout the whole day, as well as lunch. The obligatory lunch ration is less than breakfast. So is dinner. Because the activity has ended, you don’t need to consume heavy meals anymore. Rice can be exchanged for an apple. Or if you want to have dinner, don’t fall asleep immediately after eating.

8. Stay away from snacks with the high sugar content

Avoid consuming foods with large sugar content. Read the nutrition table on each snack package that you want to eat or drink.

Consumption of foods that have excess sugar has many risks such as diabetes, high cholesterol, addiction to sweet food, obesity, cavities, and other diseases. Also, stay away from soft drinks because soft drinks have a very large amount of sugar.

9. Drink lime water in the morning

Lime has many positive properties for health. By drinking lime water with a glass of warm water throughout your diet, it can help you lose weight faster.

Lime which is rich in vitamin C will work to absorb calcium in fat cells so that the body weight drops.

A natural and healthy diet is indeed not very strict and torturous, but it always takes a big commitment so that bodyweight can lose regularly and have a long-term impact. Hopefully useful.

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