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Car Hire: Free Additional Driver

Posted by on Sep 2, 2019

Whether you’re renting a car for a few days or a month (or more!) , if you’re travelling with the family or in a group sharing the driving with someone else can be very welcome. You might be driving long distances and would like to split up the driveway between 2 or more drivers, or just need to share the burden of the driving on your vacation. Many car rentals are advertised as such as a FREE extra driver which offers a excellent value add for the that particular rental if you’re intending to pay extra for this alternative.

Which car rental companies offer free extra driver?

No particular automobile rental broker provides added drivers at no cost on all leases. They are typically limited time special offers targeted to offer you a more attractive overall car lease package. As we’ve said many times, the headline every day rate is only a part of the equation when it comes to choosing the best value car leasing. If you require any optional extras such as additional drivers, child car seats, GPS or sat nav, the price of these extras can vary greatly so it pays to compare like for like.


What exactly does free additional driver really imply?

Quite simply, it means that another person can driver the rental car and be fully covered under the insurance coverage of the lease. Rental brokers often limit the number of additional drivers on any certain lease to 3 (making 4 drivers in total), but this changes by agent so in the event that you need multiple drivers please check terms. The additional driver charge is per driver, so 2 additional drivers would incur 2x the fee.

Can an under 25 be a free additional driver?

Yes, however the main driver will nonetheless be subject to the young driver surcharge for the length of the rental. Regrettably, it is not a hack or workaround the young driver surcharge. We do however offer an below 25 car hire reduction to help cancel the surcharge imposed by the leasing agent.


Why does additional drivers cost more?

เช่ารถ agents charge extra for additional drivers to pay the extra expense of their insurance. But in fact, just one individual can drive the rental car at any moment, so whilst they claim it’s to cover the excess insurance, as their policies insure multiple drivers anyway, in fact it is just another car hire extra or add-on that in case the leasing may get away with charging, then they will. When they provide’FREE’ additional drivers it is a good marketing tactic also.

How much can an extra driver price?

The cost of adding another driver for your rental car changes by supplier and location. We’ve looked at a number of the most well-known places and rental agents and compared costs (daily fee ) for a weeks lease in July.