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Posted by on Apr 3, 2020

Nearly 20 kms long Ghodbunder Road is one of the major freeways of Thane that links the Eastern Express Route i. e National Highway 3 to the Western Specific Highway to become the National Highway 8 that leads that will Gujarat. G. B. Road road skirts the n . boundary of Salsette Island providing scenic views within the Yeoor hills and the Thane creek. It cuts upon dense forests which form part of the Sanjay Gandhi Indigenous Park and for most of its part overlooks the Vasai Creek. In spite of development encroaching on the forest, much of plants and creatures continue to survive and prosper here. The ever rather busy Ghodbunder Road has great history as it once portrayed a crucial role in Indo-Arab trade and later the Colonial used it to monopolise sea routes in the Arabian Seashore. Several empires fought wars to control it. The Local horses that came from the Arab countries used to land while in the port (bunder) at the west end of this road. That’s why, it initially came to be known as ‘Ghodegaon’ (horse village). Towards time of Chhatrapati Shivaji in the later centuries the fact that the road got named after the port, and was described as Ghodbunder Road.

Ghodbunder Road also has many historical venues in and around it like the forts of Ghodbunder, Naglakot, Gaimukh Gadi and Firangkot, which although damaged now, happen stories of the 1500 century era reign of the Portugese. Besides, this area is a treasure trove of rich flora and fauna. There are also hordes of places of natural waterfalls together with trekking here. Realizing its tremendous potential as a possible vacationers destination, the TMC have begun plans to pop the question a shallow Water Park of international standards at 200 hectares of land along the Ghodbunder Road.

The main proposed metro rail is also at the Ghodbunder Road. Using it the travel time between Thane and Wadala is normally expected to reduce by half.

The TMC has already offered to have one underground tunnel from Ghodbunder passing through Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali to cut travel time around Thane and Mumbai city.

With all these infrastructure construction projects in various stages of completion or approval, G. N. Road has become one of the most prime real estate destinations of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Far-off areas of G. B. Rd like Kasarvadavli, Ovala and Bhayanderpada are closely powering Mira Road Railway Station and Borivali Railway Channel, and the road is connected by city buses enjoy BEST (Mumbai City Bus), TMT (Thane Municipal Transport), NMMT (Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport), MBMT (Mira Bhayander Municipal Transport) and VVMT (Vasai Virar City Bus).

Buses connecting Thane, Mulund, Mumbra and Vashi towards Borivali Station, Gorai, Vasai, Mira Road, Bhayander, and so on all pass through G. B. Road. In a nutshell, G. H. Road has become a satellite town of Thane and Mumbai.

While property prices in Thane have seen a rise, non-e have witnessed a hike as steep when the Ghodbunder Road (GB Road), mainly due to its proximity so that you can nature and fast pace of development coupled with Government’s consist of plans to enhance connectivity. The corresponding graph tracks the amount pattern on GB Road since 2009. Real estate analysts believe that property buyers here have enjoyed a 300% growth in the last five years! Economic advisors and industry analysts suggest an estimated 40% increase of employment opportunities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), including Thane. Such a predicted stroll in jobs would entail a major increase in the demand meant for housing and subsequently could generate further capital passion for real estate property investment in Thane.

With a naturally blessed, picturesque location; fast developing social infrastructure; exceptional connectivity Ghodbunder Road is a booming real estate market that fulfills all the expected values of an avid home-seeker as well as an astute investor. Already it is The Place to be in, if you are interested in real estate around Mumbai.

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Real Estate and Crowdfunding: A New Path For Investors

Posted by on Nov 2, 2019

Could two disparate investment economies — one older and one brand new — get together without driving each other crazy?

That’s the vital issue for crowdfunding along with the housing market, and also one being replied in positive ways, since the strange bunch seems to be pairing up fairly well and providing investors a new approach to leverage gains out of the burgeoning U.S. housing marketplace.

The actual estate crowdfunding website iFunding quotes the size of this joint market at $11 trillion.

In a current Innovations in Real Estate: Crowdfund Investing convention in New York City, Markley Roderick, an attorney with Flaster/Greenberg PC along with the seminar moderator, addressed regulations Connected to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012. The principles allow mainly wealthy investors (using a net worth of $1 million or even more) to acquire immediate access to the housing market via crowdfunding, or even peer-to-peer lending (among other investment markets).

While the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigates ways to permit investors of all income levels to get the housing market online, Roderick claims that more affluent investors are currently investing on crowdfunding websites like iFunding, Realty Mogul, CrowdStreet, and Fundrise.

“If only a small percentage of them invest only a small amount of their assets in real estate, the market will be trillions of dollars,” clarifies Roderick.


Crowdfunding and the property marketplace are a natural match. In a word, crowdfunding uses the easy access to networks of friends, family members, and coworkers through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out the word about a new company and to attract visitors. Crowdfunding has the capability to raise entrepreneurship by enlarging the pool of investors from whom capital could be increased past the conventional group of relatives, owners, and venture capitalists.

austin real estate photography

Austin real estate photography teams are already climbing aboard the crowdfunding bandwagon, touting the comparatively low-risk accessibility to the U.S. property marketplace to, for the time being, wealthier Americans.

“Crowdfunding for real estate is not an entirely new phenomenon,” stated the Commercial Real Estate Development Association at a recent announcement. “Numerous players have entered the field. Although each of these platforms has its own niche and strategy, with different levels of minimum investment, all are geared toward accredited investors who meet specific requirements for net worth and/or annual income. By contrast, crowdfunding under the JOBS Act will open the field to many more smaller investors.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of crowdfunding for investors? In a word, it comes down to danger for either side; especially, how much traders wish to consume online.

According to the report, both property investors and developers can reap substantial financial returns through crowdfunding, and the two can spread their risks.


Investors gain access to this housing market with small quantities of money.
Investors get to work right with property developers and also have a voice within the procedure.
Investors may choose where property jobs they wish to commit their cash.
Investors have access to myriad jobs, so choice is not an issue.
The investment risks are just like for any property agent. In case the market goes south, an investor will probably eliminate money.
The chance of investment default (from property developers) is greater for crowdfunding in comparison to peer-to-peer and lead property investment financing.
A lack of liquidity, since the lack of a secondary marketplace limits easy accessibility to selling chances for investors.
To begin using crowdfunding in real property, Jillienne Helman, chief executive officer in Realty Mogul, advises heading with a company that is likely to be around for a short time.

“First, work with a crowdfunding company that will survive,” she states. “That means well-capitalized. What scares me is the number of crowdfunding companies out there that are headed up by two students who just graduated from college, and who aren’t capitalized themselves.”

Darren Powderly, co-founder of all, states performing your due diligence is more significant for property compared to other investments, so much as working with a crowdfunding business goes.

“From the investor’s perspective, one should take care to research the platforms on which they are searching for investment opportunities,” states Powderly. “Not all platforms are created equal, and multiple business plans are being tested in order to capitalize on this emerging trend.”

Powderly especially advises investors to look into the founders and senior management of their crowdfunding platform or business to be certain they have a sterling reputation that rests on past business experience.

“Key industry expertise in finance, real estate, and technology is essential to operate a trusted and reliable platform,” he adds. “Investors should gravitate toward platforms that deliver excellent customer service — not only during the fundraising process, but also after the deal is fully funded and closed. Despite the fact that there are 50-plus platforms in some mode of operation, there are only half a dozen or so that are emerging as leaders in the space. Investors should research multiple platforms, and select their Top Three based on their investment goals and preferred user experience.”

Transparency is Critical

Powderly advises searching for crowdfunding patrons and platforms that admit the dangers, while supplying an education-based strategy to hazard management. “Most real estate crowdfunding platforms today only permit accredited investors, as defined by the SEC, to invest,” he states. “Accredited investors are advised to invest amounts that they are comfortable with, given their overall investment portfolio.”

austin real estate photography

Another suggestion: simply invest in offerings from patrons you anticipate, and that you are convinced will be aware of your sake in good times and bad.

“If an investor does not understand how their money is being used, the risk factors of the investment, and what factors influence their return on investment, then they should seek the advice of their trusted investment adviser, or pass on the investment,” adds Powderly. “There will be plenty of other investment opportunities to choose from, so don’t get rushed into making an uninformed investment decision.”

A professional property crowdfunding platform must provide investors with considerable opportunities to share the offering, such as making introductions straight to the sponsor of the specific property list.

Is This Doable, and How?

The catalyst for launch crowdfunding for property investments, together with different forms of business ventures, was the passing of the JOBS Act at 2012. Until recently, the ability to market and solicit investors for property investments were limited. The JOBS Act (Title II) radically altered the manner investment funds can be increased by changing present Regulation D principles, especially those principles pertaining to the way firms can provide and sell their securities without needing to enroll the latter together with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Before, Regulation D, Rule 506 put limitations on fundraising efforts, especially limiting fundraising to just pre-existing relationships and preventing a host or other party from publicly soliciting or marketing those personal investment opportunities. The newest Rule 506(c) permits issuers, sponsors, syndicators, and many others that are raising capital from private investors to market these private-investment chances to accredited investors under specific conditions. This rule became effective on Sept. 23, 2013. The new national laws represents a massive change for patrons raising capital for a property purchase or growth. Basically, Title II provides crowdfunding companies the green light into direct-market into a massive pool of possible investors through social networking and the Internet. Additionally, it has made a brand new vehicle for investors to easily access direct property investment opportunities.

Since Powderly notes, for the very first time , investors have immediate access to a choice of personal property supplies that they can read, study, and create well-informed investment choices about online.

The Bottom Line

Crowdfunding at the actual estate market claims to become a revolution. It’s only now taking off, but attracting impressive heights of attention from serious investors.

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Tips In Investing In Genuine Estate

Posted by on Sep 16, 2019

Real estate is actually a well known investment. There are many modifications inside the monetary system obtaining puffed-up threat or lesser returns, the investment marketplace go on together with the strategy imaginative and good-looking investment approaches. These developments make it significant for real estate licenses to possess an elementary and up-to-date expertise of genuine estate investment. Certainly, this does not imply that licenses should really act as investment counselors. For all he time they really should refer investors to knowledgeable tax accountants, attorneys, or investment pros. They are the experts who can give expert assistance on an investor’s precise wants.

Take into account Each of the 3 Elements Just before Investing in Genuine Estate

The 3 things of investing in real estate are location, perception and economics. The key to making the top investment in true estate, and particularly in cooperatives, and townhouses, is usually to contemplate all of the three factors. Investing in real estate correspond to a particular commitments on the a part of the purchaser. Investment in true estate produced solely upon the location in the home will not yield these results. Before generating an investment, it’s essential to involve the three considerations

o Consider around the whole location.

o Think about awareness from the area.

o Take into consideration the financial components.

Merits of Genuine Estate Investment:

Real estate values have varied extensively in many places on the nation. Yet many genuine estate investments have shown above average rates of return, generally higher than the prevailing interest rates charged by mortgage lenders. In assumption, this indicates the investor can use the influence of rented cash to invest a true estate acquire and really feel comparatively positive that, if held lengthy sufficient, the asset will yield a lot more income than it price to finance the purchase.

Genuine estate provides investors greater manage more than their investments than do other choices for instance stocks and so forth. Actual estate investors also are given assured tax positive aspects.

property in pattaya

Demerits of Actual Estate Investment:

Liquidity refers to how swiftly an asset could be converted into cash. As an example, an investor in listed stocks has only a contact a stockbroker when funds are necessary. The stockbroker sells the stock, plus the investor receives the money. In contract, a true estate investor may have to sell the home at a substantially decrease price than preferred to ensure a speedy sale. Of course, a genuine estate investor could be capable to raise a limited level of money by refinancing the house.

Huge amounts are frequently necessary to invest in true estate. It’s not easy to invest in actual estate with no expert guidance. Investment decisions has to be based on careful research of all the information, reinforced by a thorough expertise of true estate and also the manner in which it is impacted by the marketplace.

Property in pattaya has want of dynamic administration. A real estate investor can hardly ever sit idle by and watch their revenue grow. Administration assessments have to be created. The investor may possibly choose to handle the home personally. However, it might be preferable to hire a professional home manager. Physical improvements achieved by the investor personally could possibly be essential to create the asset lucrative. Numerous good investments fail due to the fact of poor management.

Lastly, it entails a higher degree of danger. The opportunity forever survives that an investor’s property will diminish in price through the time it can be held or that it’ll not make enough income to create it advantageous.

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Real Estate Photography Tips For Realtors – Don’t Do it Yourself, You’ll Lose Your Commission Check

Posted by on Aug 15, 2019

I have done it myselftaken exactly what I thought were fantastic list pictures and used them to get my online MLS record. My customers believed they were nice and I thought they were just fine, before I started working as a buyer’s representative in Seattle a couple of years back.

I worked over 40 unique buyers weekly and regular I’d hear,”Did you see those listing pictures? There’s no way we want to see that house, it’s a dump! Does the listing agent know how bad they are?” Evidently, the listing agent did not spend anything on property photography.

My buyers would also observe some fantastic list photos and wish to get into find the house that day. We had step inside and they would wonder whether it was the exact same house they found online. They felt cheated since the images were just like the true home. (but the list agent obtained buyers walking throughout the home ).

Austin Real Estate Marketing

Everything came down to the list images they found online. That is crucial promotion for listings! Give buyers a fantastic picture and they will jump within the home daily. Give them a”do-it-yourself” image and they will move onto another house. The list images make the distinction, especially once you invest a couple bucks on real estate photography!

Even if the listing images were much better than the true home, guess what? It got the buyers indoors! That is your goal for a listing broker; get as many showings as you can. Professional property photography makes that occur.

With up of 80%of buyers searching online today, the record photos are the very first thing they are considering and emphasizing their first impressions on.

Just how much money in lost commissions do you believe you are missing since you won’t invest a few hundred dollars for specialist Austin Real Estate Marketing?

If you did invest the nicely spent marketing dollars on a professional real estate pictures…

You might have more satisfied customers because the house sold faster.
You might have made more money since you didn’t need to lose the sales price once the record became stale in the marketplace.
You might seem like a top manufacturer in the region due to the faster sales, better searching listings and much more satisfied customers. Your general picture is improved, big time!
Isn’t it funny how such a small facet of your company can influence the entire thing? Anytime you understand just how one difficulty affects your internet profits, that will make you perk up, right?
Now do not give me the explanation that it is too expensive since it is not. Consider it as a promotion and marketing expense because that is just what it is. And property photography is among the greatest things that you may invest your marketing and advertising dollars on.

Austin Real Estate Marketing

You’ve got a few options…

You can grab an expert in real estate pictures in the regional region and provide them $50-$200 to visit your list and take some fantastic photos. Make certain they are topnotch, have the ideal gear and comprehend the objective of those photographs. You do not wish to cover property photography that is no greater than yourself.

Your other alternative is to go for a business like who does property photography exclusively. Their company is list photos for realtors!

You are able to schedule your photo shoot on their site, cover roughly $200 or so and receive the most attractive list photos you will ever see. Even in case you’ve got a crack home listed for sale, then their property photography will make it appear to be a palace.

I am telling you; do not skimp on your property photography. Examine the price as an investment. If you invested $200 on commercial real estate photography and also got back an additional $20,000 in commissions this year from quicker sales, more customers, and greater record costs, would not that be worthwhile? You betcha!

Josh F. Sanders is a Real Estate Broker and also the Founder of Shiloh Street University at Seattle, WA, an Internet marketing school made specifically for Realtors and brokers.

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Find Right Real Estate Realtor

Posted by on Jul 19, 2019

The right real estate agent plays a key role in your search to find the perfect property. A capable realtor, armed with required expertise and experience can amplify the process of property search and make it a hassle-free experience.

Hence, it is extremely important to find a realtor who understands your needs and preferences and is competent enough to help you find the right property. Here are some essential points that you should consider to pick the right realtor.

Choose A Local Realtor

If you are planning to buy a house in Brookline, then you should choose a realtor who belongs to the place. This is because a native knows the area inside out and can give you the much-needed insights in detail, such as which is the nearest supermarket, how is the connectivity to other places at night, quality of social services, type of weather and the nature of neighborhood.

Apart from that, only a local realtor would be able to tell what are the exact reasons of disputes with a particular property, status of mortgage or any other low lying legalities. Hence, it would be good to go with a local realtor instead of someone who is oblivious with the local conditions of the land.


Buying a property could be the biggest decision of your life. Thus, it is imperative to get the best person on board to get the required assistance. An experienced professional is well-connected through reliable contacts and is more likely to have a listing of better properties unlike a novice. Being shrewd in the business, they are more capable to understand your requirement and act accordingly to get you the best option.

Apart from that, experienced realtors have good contacts in the government offices as well. That means that your paperwork will never get stuck in red tape. To single out a good experienced realtor you can dig their past track record of what kind of properties they have helped the buyers buy and what are the current properties listed on their portfolio.


Real estate agents normally charge the brokerage after the deal is closed. Sit with them, explain your budget and requirement and then carefully listen to their terms and fee structure to analyze whether you would be able to afford such amount as brokerage or not. It is better to meet at least 2 to 3 good brokers to finalize the best brokers.

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Real Estate Appraisal

Posted by on Jul 19, 2019

Real estate appraisals can often be misunderstood. That is why it is a good idea to define what an appraisal is and learn more about the process involved. By definition, a real estate appraisal calculates a property’s value for the benefit of a lender. Therefore, an appraisal is not made for the purchaser’s benefit. It is requested for the sole benefit of the lender. The value of the building which the appraisal will ultimately determine, is based on numerous points ranging from square footage to its location.

Securing a Bank’s Investment

The purpose of a real estate appraisal in Vancouver is to safeguard the lending institution. By using this protocol, the bank is ensuring that it will not lend money on real estate that is worth less than its appraised value. The bank takes this measure so it can sell the property in case of default so by having an appraisal performed; a financial institution ensures that it can recover its money on a foreclosed property.

House appraisals in Vancouver are made so a lender can ensure that the loan he or she is granting is an effective investment – one where he or she can get their money back if necessary. If a property does not appraise at the value accepted by a buyer then, he or she cannot secure a mortgage.

Are Your Refinancing Your Home?

Now that you know why appraisals are performed, you have some insight as to when they are typically requested. Aside from the purchase of a home, a residential appraisal in Vancouver may also be performed to refinance a home. So, if you wish to tap into your home’s equity to consolidate debts or pay for your child’s tuition, you will also need to request an appraisal.

Other Reasons for Appraisals

Sometimes an appraisal is needed in the case of an estate liquidation. If you already have your own home but you inherit an estate, you may want to liquidate the inherited property. If so, you will need to request an appraisal. Therefore, an appraisal assists you in determining the fair market value of a property you may want to liquidate. By contacting an appraiser, you can ensure that any liquidation goes smoothly and that the transaction leaves no room for dispute.

An appraisal may need to be performed, as well, if you plan to relocate. By obtaining a professional appraisal, you can find out how much you can receive for a quick sale of your property. Divorce settlements also lead to property appraisals so if the property is shared, it is important to know its value so that you can proceed more amicably with a divorce settlement.

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