April 17, 2021


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Easy Moves: Fracture Repair Breakthrough Helps You Get Your Groove Back

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Easy Moves: Fracture Repair Breakthrough Helps You Get Your Groove Back

A broken bone is also known as a fracture. If you break a bone, how a doctor treats it depends upon a number of factors—which bone is damaged, where it is, the type of fracture, and the overall seriousness of the break. Each patient heals differently, and the recovery process depends upon multiple conditions and circumstances. However, a modern breakthrough in fracture repair promotes efficient and thorough healing so you can be moving and grooving again as soon as possible.

Open Reduction Treatment

Simpler breaks may be treated effectively with a simple cast that holds the bone in place until it heals. This treatment is known as a closed reduction. More complicated or serious fractures, however, may require surgery. When doctors surgically expose and set fractures by hand, the procedure is called an open reduction. This treatment is reserved for severe breaks.

  • Bone protrudes through skin
  • Multiple breaks in different places
  • Bone slips out of position

Doctors may also perform surgery if a broken bone has been set by a cast but did not heal properly.

Pinning Breaks Down

Doctors are able to precisely hold broken bones together thanks to ultra clean, advanced metals such as 316LVM. Cutting-edge fabrication techniques use these metals to make screws, plates, and other fixation mechanisms as well as the surgical tools doctors use to implant them.

Without sophisticated surgical-grade metals, people with severe fractures as well as sore or damaged joints could face problems. They would not have highly developed medical options to help their bodies heal well, to reduce pain, and to make movement easier. Broken bones that do not heal properly could lead to deformity and be disabling.

Medical Advancements Make a Difference Today

Complex developments in medical-grade metals make broken bone repairs much easier for patients today than in the past. Healing is faster, and the results are often good. The breakthroughs in today’s fracture treatments begin in a laboratory but eventually spread outward to help patients resume their favorite activities and move through their lives without pain. That is an improvement everyone can live with.

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