April 17, 2021


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Four Ways to Improve Your Pregnancy and Delivery Experience

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Pregnancy, labor and delivery are monumental moments in a woman’s life. While every woman’s pregnancy and delivery is different, there are two things every woman needs… to be informed, and to be prepared. Here are some ways you can make this happen, ideally helping those nine+ months move along as smoothly as possible.

Get in Tune With Your Body pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, knowing your body is important. Being informed of your overall health and awareness of any pre-existing health conditions will ensure you receive the care you need, from pre-conception to pregnancy, labor to delivery. Make it your goal to take good care of yourself, your emotional and mental health included. Walks and prenatal yoga soothe pregnancy aches and quell stress. Listen to your body, and put your feet up when you need to. After all, you are putting in some major overtime. You’re creating new life!

Discuss Options for Delivery

Deciding where to give birth is a personal decision, but your health will be a determining factor in where you ultimately have your baby. Schedule hospital tours, or check out your birth center options San Antonio. Research doctors, nurses and midwives, philosophies and general practices, and don’t be shy about asking questions! This is truly a time when knowledge is power. Putting together a birth plan communicates your wishes for labor and delivery, touching on everything from pain management to the number of visitors after the baby arrives. Just remember to be somewhat flexible with it, because the labor and delivery process does not always go as expected.

Stay Connected to Your Partner (pregnancy)

Even though you’re the one who is pregnant and will give birth, it’s important to remember that this is a huge period of transition in your partner’s life, too. You can easily make them feel a part of it by including them in prenatal visits and hospital or birthing center tours. Regularly check in with your partner. Make it a point to spend time together doing something you both enjoy, whatever that may be. Smooth sailing in your relationship will keep stress in check, which is really important for everyone’s health and well being. Being open and honest with your partner will help them be the best advocate they can for you, so remember to communicate.

With the right preparation and planning, this transitional time can be a truly amazing one. You can do this!

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