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Hair loss-severe use 11 Tips How to Treat Natural and Effective

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11 Ways to Overcome Severe Hair Loss. Natural And Effective!

Almost bald head from falling hair? This is a sign of unhealthy scalp. Check out how to deal with hair loss at old and young age only here. Hair loss is a problem for many people. This problem is not only faced by parents. Today, many, you, teenagers and young adults are experiencing the same problem. Well, Friends 99 are worried about the hair that’s getting thinner because of falling out? Don’t be afraid, we have a solution. It’s not complicated, it’s all easy, cheap, and of course natural! Let’s go over how to deal with hair loss one by one!

Causes of Hair Loss

Friends, before we learn how to deal with Severe Hair Loss, it’s good if we know the cause first. The hair that falls out every day is actually normal. However, if the amount is excessive, it means that something is wrong with our scalp. According to hair health experts, the amount of hair loss that is still classified as normal is 50 to 100 strands a day. This number does seem like a lot, but when collected, the diameter and thickness do not exceed the little finger of the children. The hair that falls off is immediately replaced by new hair. However, problems start when more hair falls out and new hair doesn’t grow.
Excessive hair loss, or telogen effluvium, can occur in men or women.

However, according to a Russian study, women are more likely to be at risk of hair loss because they are more hormonal and physically and emotionally active.

The causes of excessive hair loss can be various, namely as follows:

  • Weight loss drastically
  • Have a high fever
  • Side effects of hard drugs
  • Anemia disease
  • Excessive stress
  • Shampoo rarely
  • Wrong shampoo (usually the ingredients of the shampoo are too harsh)
  • Too tired
  • Unstable menstruation
  • Lack of nutritional intake from food
  • Currently undergoing chemotherapy
  • Hair dye and bleach

How to deal with hair loss for all ages. Effective!

1. How to deal with hair loss with an avocado hair mask

The first hair loss treatment is to use an avocado mask. Avocado is known as a super fruit. Its properties not only function well for the health of the human body, but also hair and scalp. Avocado contains a lot of natural protein needed by hair to grow healthy. Making an avocado mask is easy, simply by mashing the avocado and mixing it with 1/2 teaspoon of honey. Apply it to hair and wait 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

2. How to deal with hair loss with a yogurt mask

Apart from being a favorite food and drink for many people, yogurt can also be transformed into a hair loss solution. Remember, one of the causes of hair loss is a lack of nutritional intake, which makes the scalp and hair roots dry out. Well, you can use yogurt to restore hair softness. Choose the type of plain yogurt. If available, add a little honey before applying it to your hair. Let stand for 10 minutes until the yogurt is absorbed, then rinse using warm water until clean.

3. How to keep your hair from falling out with Jojoba Oil

The next way to treat hair loss is with jojoba oil. In general, most people only know jojoba oil as massage oil. Even though it is true, there are still a lot of jojoba oil properties, really! This oil, derived from the plant, can stimulate cells and hair growth hormone, making hair grow faster and thicker. Quoted from the Food and Chemical Toxicology research, simply by massaging a little jojoba oil onto the scalp, hair will grow healthier, longer, and faster!

4. How to keep your hair from falling out with an egg white mask

Friends of 99, must you already know the benefits of egg whites for beauty? Yes, besides being good for our youthful faces, egg whites are also very good for hair health. The sulfur content in egg whites controls sebum and reduces hair loss. Apply using a mask brush to the crown, wait for it to dry, then rinse using warm water. So that your hair doesn’t smell bad, you can immediately wash your hair with a fragrant shampoo afterwards.

5. How to treat hair loss with an aloe vera mask

The next way to deal with hair loss is to use an aloe mask. Wow, this one has no questionable advantages for hair. Aloe contains all the right nutrients to strengthen hair. Puree the aloe , apply on hair and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes Rinse using warm water until clean.

6. How to reduce hair loss with coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used as a hair loss solution before and after shampooing, it all depends on the condition of the scalp. If your head is oily, massage coconut oil on your scalp a few hours before shampooing. However, if the scalp and hair are dry, organic coconut oil can be used as hair oil without rinsing. Not only does it work as a way to reduce hair loss, coconut oil can also make hair shinier and longer hair fast!

7. How to reduce hair loss by not tying your hair too tightly

Herbal remedies may help treat hair loss. However, it’s still useless if we still treat our hair roughly. Combing too harshly, scrubbing your shampoo too long, and ponying your hair too tight can all cause hair loss. When the hair is tied too tightly, the roots of the hair are automatically pulled, making it easy for the hair to fall out and break. If it’s like this, the solution to treat it is more difficult because the hair is pulled out from the roots.

8. Overcoming Hair Loss by Not Washing Too Often

The next way to treat hair loss is not to wash it too regularly. Maintaining cleanliness is important. However, what happens if you keep your hair clean? Hair health products sold in supermarkets all contain chemicals. Even organic shampoo still contains at least 10% alcohol to neutralize germs and dandruff. These chemicals are bad for hair if used too often. Shampoo a little, according to the condition of the hair. For dry hair, do it every 3 days, while for oily hair, shampoo your hair every 2 days.

9. How to Overcome Hair Loss with Guava Masks

Guava is rich in vitamin C, which is why guava is often used as the main ingredient in making medicines or beauty serums. Apart from vitamin C, guava is also rich in vitamins b3, b5, and b6. The ingredients above function as nutrients to repair dry and broken hair. Not only that, vitamin B6 can also clean the surface of the scalp from all kinds of impurities such as dust, sweat, and excessive dandruff. If your scalp is clean, of course your hair will be healthier. How to deal with hair loss using a guava mask is relatively easy. Prepare one guava, crush until soft then mix with one egg white. Then, stir until the mask looks thick. If it is too dense, Friends 99 can add a tablespoon of honey or yogurt to the guava mask mixture. Apply the mask on the hair, starting from the scalp to the tips of the hair. While waiting 30 to 40 minutes, massage your hair in a circular motion. Rinse using very warm water, then wash it using shampoo so that the hair is not sticky.

10. How to Reduce Hair Loss with Peppermint

Overcoming hair loss can also be helped by using peppermint or mint leaf oil. According to the US National Library of Medicine, mint leaf oil can increase the thickness of the scalp as well as the number of hair follicles. When the scalp is strong, hair loss will automatically decrease. Not only that, this essential oil can also accelerate hair growth. It’s easy, pour a little mint leaf oil into your hands, then massage on the scalp in a circular motion clockwise. Do it before or after shampooing.

11. How to Treat Hair Loss in General

After the steps on how to treat hair loss have been done, it’s time for us to get into hair loss treatments. Hair loss treatment is not difficult. Previously, we learned about choosing your shampoo wisely and not tying your hair too tightly. So, in order for hair to stop falling out permanently, you also need to pay attention to the taboos below:

  • It is forbidden to eat too many oily fried foods.
  • Do not use rubber to tie hair, use a soft material that is not sticky to the hair.
  • For motorbike users, wash your motorcycle helmet at least once a month. The odor and moisture in the helmet can weaken the hair roots.
  • Use conditioner and don’t forget to give your hair a vitamin after shampooing.
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