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How To Make A Selling Ebook Cover Design

Posted by on Oct 13, 2019

So that you want help with your eBook cover design. Well an individual has come to the right place. This entire site was build to help you make the best possible e-book cover and the articles will probably guide you in the right direction. The videos show you step by step how to do the graphical part of the design, but the articles truly get you commenced on the right path before you do anything else.

The first step in your book cover design is to decide what you truly want to accomplish with your design. For many we just want as many sales as possible and that’s what focus of this site is. How we go about this is a three move process. First, we figure out our target market. Second, most of us research what appeals to them. And finally, we create the eBook cover design that not only represents our e-book but hits our target market’s hot buttons. Uncomplicated as pie isn’t it.

First, who is your market you work in? Well that depends on what your eBook is about. If you are covering “how to make money” then your market covers many demographics. If you are writing about weight loss then your market is 90% women of an particular age. I you have a hunting guide then you usually are appealing to men of certain age and economic track record. This is the key to your marketing efforts. Once you focus with on your target market you can begin to formulate your sales approach. Sometimes your target market is not who you intended to goal in the first place. That scenario, however , is for another discussion.

Secondly, what appeals to your target market? Well the internet is full of exploration tools to help you in this area. In fact , you may use this information to help upsell or even market different products to them down the road. An excellent tool is Alexa. How you use Alexa is that you put in the websites that dominate your niche and look at what exactly else their traffic searches for and what other websites many people visit. You then use that information for future advertising and marketing efforts and/or choosing graphics for your eBook cover style.