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Is Network Marketing A Real Business?

Posted by on Dec 15, 2019

I hear it all of the time,”Network Marketing is not a real business. ” I really don’t know if the people who say this are only misinformed or should they’ve never taken the opportunity to work out exactly what Network Marketing is. I believed it’d be very helpful to perform a comparison.

What is a true company?

Based on Webster’s Dictionary,”a business is a regular occupation, profession, or trade. The practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce. “

The question immediately springs to mind,”What is commerce?” It’s described as”the activity of buying or selling, especially on a large scale. The social dealings between people. “

Thus, by definition, a”real business” is one which offers someone with an income and income is created by either purchasing or selling.

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is described as”a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Specifically, it leverages the social aspect of commerce to generate leads, sales, and recruits.”

By definition Network Marketing convinced appears to be eligible as a”real business.”


Why is it that so many individuals have such a stigma regarding the livelihood? Why is it that so many men and women think about it as a pyramid scheme? Why is it that so many men and women believe you need to be a fantastic salesman to earn any money? These are the questions I hope to answer in this report.

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From the start, Network Marketing was oversold. “Sell the dream!” Up-lines used to state. What they intended was, make folks feel in the lifestyle they might have and they will combine. Do not ever discuss the failures, do not ever discuss the struggles, simply show them how good it may be someday.

The issue with this method of thinking is that it sets new recruits up for collapse. They combine believing it will be simple, it won’t take effort or work, then when they determine that their initial thoughts were completely erroneous they quit.

Can you envision the failure rate of small companies if 75% of individuals opened their doors believing”My products are so good they will sell themselves.” ? Could you imagine the number of little business bankruptcies there are when the owners believed,”All I have to do is find 5 customers and they will each tell 5 others. “?

Network Marketing has such a stigma is since it’s been oversold. Tell people the facts, do not hesitate to be exposed. Construct the connection do not sell the fantasy.


In case you haven’t realized it , virtually every company is coordinated in precisely the exact same method. There’s an operator or a CEO, and under them are generally two executives. Under those executives, you will find a collection of supervisors, and below are a succession of workers.

Sound familiar?

The pyramid structure could be understood in tens of thousands if not millions of companies worldwide. Personally, I love it when folks say this to me personally. I just react”Then every business must be a pyramid scheme.” They generally don’t understand how to respond.

The problem at hand is that a good deal of individuals utilize this notion process to disqualify Network Marketing as a”Real Business.”

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Yet more, I think this is a mistake on our behalf.

To begin with, we shouldn’t presume individuals have an understanding of company structures. A number of the individuals we approach about conducting a best mlm companies haven’t run their very own. Bear in mind, always satisfy your potential where they’re. Do not automatically think they have understanding of whatever . Take your time and walk through the introduction procedure gradually.

Secondly, ensure you educate your potential how companies are ordered before they have a opportunity to utilize the”It’s a pyramid scheme” objection on you personally. Should you begin your conversation about company structure and the way they’re shaped long before you encourage them to your chance, you may already know they know.


Among the most typical answers I hear is”I’m not a salesman like you.” If you’re getting this objection out of your prospects a few different things are moving on.

To begin with they perceive you as a salesman. Your message is all about earnings. If they ask you what you would you react”I sell __.” ? It is crucial to keep in mind that you’re not a salesman. You’re a consultant. You consult with people about the best way best to make their lives better. You consult with people about the best way best to add an extra stream of revenue. If you talk and behave as a consultant, your coworkers won’t perceive you as a salesman.

Secondly, throughout your invitation, you’re selling. It’s quite tough to sell someone on the notion of starting a small business. They understand before they meet you if they’d ever venture to entrepreneurship. There’s not any need to market someone on beginning a Network Marketing company. Tell them your story. Let them know how it’s going for you as well as the changes you’re seeing on your own life and leave it at that.

So a number of these problems come from the deficiency of one skill. Overselling Network Marketing comes out of a fear of rejection. We’re scared to lose out on a brand new recruit so we finished guarantee. Objections enjoy,”It’s a pyramid scheme” come from a failure to prepare a connection prior to an invitation. At length, objections such as,”I’m not a salesman like you,” is triggered from bad posture. We do not pose ourselves in a means which produces the prospect need what we have.