April 17, 2021


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Plastic Surgery That Many People Want To Do

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Although it is more popular among the layman with the term “plastic surgery“, it is actually a part of medical surgery. The word “plastic” in “plastic surgery” comes from the Greek “plasticos” which means forming. So, the plastic here doesn’t mean that plastische Chirurgie uses plastic as a base. Nowadays plastische Chirurgie has become a trend, but many people do not realize that this surgery has actually been growing since centuries of human life on earth. In the 19th and 20th centuries, plastic surgery has become a universal application. Originally one of the earliest plastic surgeons in America was a doctor. John Peter Mettauer by performing surgery on the cleft palate. His contributions are sizable, but what Modern Plastic Surgery Dad thinks is Sir Harold Gillies because he has successfully developed various other methods of plastische Chirurgie.

2 types of plastic surgery

Types of plastic surgery are universally divided into 2 types based on the purpose of the operation itself, namely surgery for reconstruction and surgery for aesthetics. Aesthetic surgery is intended for patients who are normal and healthy, but feel that their body shape is not good or harmonious, for example having a less sharp nose, wanting to widen the eyelids, enlarging / reducing the breasts, enlarging / reducing the buttocks, liposuction aka removing fat in stomach, and so on. They hope that with this plastic surgery they can obtain a body shape that is nearly perfect.

5 alibis performing plastic surgery

The era continues to grow, we continue to be able to feel the consequences of these advances in medical technology, one of which is in plastic surgery. Then when does plastische Chirurgie generally feel necessary?

1. Revised appearance that wanted plastic surgery

Sometimes some people are born with certain congenital defects while some people may face disabilities after accidents, trauma, or other medical problems. Plastic surgery can solve this problem with reconstructive goals.

2. Career support

plastische Chirurgie can support the career of someone who requires her appearance to be in the spotlight. One of the properties of plastische Chirurgie is experienced by celebrities in carrying out their careers.

3. Overcoming health problems

plastische Chirurgiecan also be very useful for those who face health problems that can interfere with their appearance. For example, someone with very large breasts often faces tremendous back pain, so they try breast reduction plastische Chirurgie which can overcome health problems and their appearance.

4. Increase self-confidence

plastische Chirurgie, primarily for aesthetic purposes, can share a strong and positive self-image. Moreover, even a slight change in appearance can result in a large change from within, is to let one’s self-confidence develop.

5. When non-invasive treatment is unable to solve the problem

There are many non-invasive aesthetic treatments that can be options when before the conclusion we decide to perform plastische Chirurgie. If indeed all of them cannot share optimal results, plastic surgery can be the last option for overcoming beauty problems.

Do I need plastic surgery?

Many of the foremost women in big cities view plastische Chirurgie for aesthetic purposes as not taboo and scary anymore. Because beauty problems are sensitive and significant problems, aesthetic plastische Chirurgie seems to be a practical solution for a more perfect appearance.

However, before doing it, you must also think wisely about how important plastische Chirurgie is for you and whether you really need this replacement. Because the changes that result from plastische Chirurgie are generally dramatic and permanent, it is very meaningful for you to have a clear description of what you want to feel after plastische Chirurgie is an option for your complete appearance.

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