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Dimmable LED lighting can’t just help to change the general mood and ambiance of a space, but they also decrease energy intake and also last longer than traditional bulbs. Great for the environment, also to the pocket! As a result of advances in modern LED technologies, the seriousness of overhead lighting can readily be adjusted to match virtually any lighting layout scheme.

Why Choose LED dimming?

How Do They Work?

Types of LED Dimmer

Some Things To Consider

Why Choose Dimmable LED Lights?

Quite simply, they give you more flexibility to light your area in the manner which suits you the best. LED dimming enables you more control to choose your favorite degree of lighting for a specific action or time of day. Dimming allows you to easily change a brightly-lit workspace into a nearby or relaxing setting in the turn of a dial up — to not mention you’ll be saving energy in precisely the exact same time!

So How Does This Work?

That is a fantastic question, and we get asked all of the time.

There are lots of sorts of dimmable LED lights, and every operates slightly differently, but the very popular illustration is mains dimming. This operates by lessening the quantity of electricity to the LED light source, effectively by obstructing a fraction of the voltage.

Inside mains dimming, you’ve got’trailing edge’ and’leading edge’. These have their gaps, which makes them compatible with Various Kinds of mild form:

Leading-edge dimmers:

A dimming control is utilized to reduce the light output of a supply by lowering its usable wattage. To put it differently, less electricity will the bulb, thus rendering it glow more softly.

A leading-edge dimmer utilizes a TRIAC (Triode for Alternating Current) change to control electricity. Leading-edge dimmers are a frequent option, supplying a cost-effective and easy solution.

Trailing-edge dimmers:

Alternately, a more trailing-edge dimmer uses a transistor and provides a more complex solution that offers smoother, quieter dimming control. Mains Trailing Edge dimming could be used to dim all committed LED fittings when combined with a mains-dimmable driver.

We provide trailing-edge dimmable drivers for any range of those fittings.

What other kinds of dimming are you?
While mains dimming works nicely, very low voltage dimming offers another alternate. 1-10v dimming works effectively with committed LED fittings. This may be smoother compared to leading-edge and trailing-edge mains dimming alternatives, but on the downside demands another controller cable to be run by the control to the matching’s driver.


DMX is most frequently employed to get colour-changing mild installations and skilled lighting management systems. The DMX dimming method is based on a signal being made by means of a lighting control system that’s subsequently transmitted via committed wiring between the control and the motorist.


The closing (and our personal favorite ) non-mains dimming method is your DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface).

We love it as it brings two-way communicating into light, which makes it far more user friendly and perfect for industrial or much more intricate lighting methods.

Together with DALI, LED drivers could be connected into a central computer, enabling each of them to be controlled individually. Each light fixture is provided a speech in the machine, permitting the user to dim the lights individually or from room.

Here in Sera Technologies we provide several types of DALI dimmers and so are more than pleased to advise you on which will work best for the lighting project.

DALI 2 develops on this theory even farther; embracing a DALI 2 dimming method allows for more color altering control and the ability to separately control two times as many light fixtures (128 compared to 64), providing specifiers and designers more chances.

Considerations when Selecting a dimmer
The innovations we have seen in dimmable led lighting means that there is currently a viable solution for everyone, and you have never needed more control over the brightness, color and ambiance of your lighting layout. But now that there are several alternatives, there are a number of things which you’d be sensible to think about prior to making a last choice.

The principal issue to be conscious of is compatibility. The most seasoned electrician or specifier might have difficulty remembering that dimmer switch is ideal for your dimmable led lighting fittings. Oftentimes, existing dimmer switches do not work nicely with newer LED bulbs.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, which dim indiscriminately, LEDs either dim or else they do not. When a LED bulb is utilized with an incandescent dimmer switch, the bulb might just function at full dimensions, can float or flicker at particular levels or might even not turn at all. This is a result of the intricate circuitry of the LED’s built in driver.

Even though it’s the driver that dictates whether an LED merchandise will dim, the motorist’s performance largely depends upon its compatibility with an dimming device. The driver has to be designed to comprehend and translate the signalling from the dimming apparatus for renaming to happen.

Another choice you’ll need to make will entail finding the balance between control and cost. By way of instance, a DALI network essentially offers the best consumer experience, but the innovative technology which eases this may come at a higher cost compared to other more established options. Once bought, they are extremely efficient to operate, which should offset the initial high price.

Ease of setup is one more factor to think about, particularly if your lighting job has a tighter timeframe and funding. Particular fittings need dedicated management cabling alongside electricity cables between fittings, like the DMX and DALI alternatives. Furthermore, to get maximum benefits out of a DALI system, all of your lighting fixtures should be individually wired, meaning retrofits, while possible, are definitely more complicated.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that smart bulbs aren’t meant to use dimmer switches. They’ve an integrated mechanism which will fight with a wall-mounted dimmer, causing the bulb to flicker, hum or not turn on. Utilizing the program or remote will steer clear of these common issues.

In SERA Technologies, our group of specialists can advise that dimmers are compatible with your preferred fittings, and vice versa. Send us a message on the contact page or through the Live Chat at the bottom of your display, and we’ll make certain you don’t buy information that is compatible.

In SERA Technologies, our group of specialists can advise that dimmers are compatible with your preferred fittings, and vice versa. Send us a message on the contact page or through the Live Chat at the bottom of your display, and we’ll make certain you don’t buy information that is compatible.

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