April 17, 2021


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Tips For Dealing With Back Pain And Its Triggers

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back pain

back pain

Basic spine pain can be bothersome. Therefore, it means to identify triggers as well as methods of dealing with back pain that is felt.

Pain in the base of the spine is often associated with low back pain. This pain is generally associated with ligaments (connective tissue) near the spine, nerves and spinal cord. This situation is very common in people aged 30- 40 years.

Mastering the Triggers of Lower Back Pain

There are several aspects that can increase the risk of basic back pain. For example, being overweight, being two, smoking, stressing the mind or mental stress, and taking drugs that can affect the state of the bones, such as corticosteroids.

Indications of basic back pain can be experienced in the form of stinging, numbness, or numbness that radiates to one leg, sore joints or feels stiff when walking in the morning, and others. The pain makes it unsafe, especially when it can interfere with activities.

There are some things that can cause basic back pain, including:

• Experiencing muscle tension

Muscle strains or often known as sprains are generally intertwined when transporting the wrong weight or movement. Apart from that, tension can also result from activities that go too far at work.

• Constraints arise in the structure of the spine

For example, problems with spinal discs, arthritis (inflammation of the bones and joints), osteoporosis (bone loss), or abnormal spinal curves such as scoliosis and kyphosis.

• Suffering from certain diseases

Other triggers can also arrive due to certain disease conditions, such as narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis), degenerative spondylolisthesis, loss of use of nerves in the base of the spinal cord or cauda equina syndrome, inflammation of fungi or germs on the spine, as well as cancer of the spine. In order to confirm basic spine pain triggers, doctors can perform some supporting tests such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI, bone scans, or electromyography (EMG). If inflammation is suspected, the doctor may recommend blood tests.

Methods for Overcoming Back Pain

The healing of basic back pain depends on the cause. Here are some treatment options you can try:

  • • Pain relievers. For example paracetamol can help relieve pain for the short term. Always consult the dosage and duration of taking this drug with your doctor. Not only that, the pain reliever can also be in the form of a cream or ointment that is applied directly to the painful position.
  • • Administration of drugs such as antidepressants or some types of narcotics to cure chronic back pain. However, it must always be tried on the basis of a doctor’s supervision.
  • • Anti-inflammatory injections, such as corticosteroid-type drugs, can be given if back pain radiates to the legs and does not work with other pain relievers. One of them is a cortisone injection, which will help lower the inflammation near the base of the nerve thus helping to relieve temporary pain.
  • • Spine surgery is a very final option if other treatments have not been successful, or if the pain is so severe that the person cannot sleep or do activities. The universal surgical procedures tried are discectomy (the part of the disc that lies between the vertebrae is raised so that the disc does not press on the spinal cord) and spinal fusion (2 or more vertebrae are combined to stabilize the spine and reduce pain). However, this surgical procedure carries a serious risk of complications, such as nerve damage near the surgical zone or even paralysis.

Not only that, there are also some alternatives that can be tried to relieve basic back pain, such as yoga or acupuncture. However, always consult with your doctor before undergoing any healing procedures.

For those of you who are dealing with basic back pain, keep trying to move actively to help recovery. Do the movements without rushing and not straining your body. Consult a neurologist or orthopedic doctor for a very fitting action for basic back pain treatment.

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